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L'art est la Solution au Chaos

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Out Of The Blue

Credit. I spend time on making the graphics I post, so it would be nice if you could give proper credit. That will help people who like my work to find me too.
Comment. Comments are love, and they give me the chance to know what sucks and what doesn't.
Don't alter or edit anything unless I specify you're allowed to do so.
Don't claim my work as your own.
Don't hotlink. If I run out of bandwidth, my graphics won't be viewable anymore, and I'm certainly not gonna re-upload them.

Feel free to friend this journal, you don't need to ask me first. I will not add you back (unless you ask me to, of course :)), so you don't have to worry that a perfect stranger will read your locked updates. Besides, friending me will give you the chance to be always up to date with my posts.

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